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Ceramica De Maio Francesco S.r.l.

Via Nazionale, 5
84015 Nocera Superiore (SA) Italy
Ph. +39 081 931011
+39 081 931151
Fax +39 081 5142366

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Tiles Club Collezioni Ceramiche is the elegant expression of the Vietri ceramics with its classic decorations. Exclusive and unique collections characterized by the happiness of infinite shades stealing the colors of the rainbow. The freshness, the perfume of the flowers and buds flood its Vietri garden and the whims of art, as original solutions, colorful and rich of imagination, emphasize the modernity of its history. Collections from far away, with absolute respect for the art, tradition and decorations, which are still handmade, following the Vietri shop’s production techniques. Tiles Club Collezioni Ceramiche is the color, the handmade, the watercolor.


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