Francesco De Maio


Foulard: icon of style and refinements. Emblem of the most important brands: Hermes, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Etro, Fendi. A square of tissue, in size 53x53 cm, which now becomes a ceramic square: an elegant and smart article. The timeless symbol of femininity, in the Collection Foulards of Ceramica Francesco De Maio, became the undisputed leader of modern living especially for those who want to assert their own personality. And so, the simple accessory becomes precious design and unusual ceramic jewel. For people that want a charming and elegant house, a house of class with an unique style.
Style and strength in color, for works of art that become unique Foulards, of exceptional stylistic and artistic beauty. Inspired by works of art, Foulard returns to be art. Art, ceramics and fashion meet, merge themselves. They change roles and bind one to the other. Magically accomplices, the ceramic art and fashion create a square through the timeless elegance of the Collection Foulards Francesco De Maio.