Ce.Vi. Ceramica Vietrese


The characteristic is the simplicity. The creative simplicity of the naive art. A naïve art for the Vietri ceramics where the classical decor is redesigned to become simple, unusual, fascinating and to offer a new vision. A collection, in size 20x20 cm, which is the expression of a strong creativity with elementary and simple executions and represents in a fairy way the flowers realized with rich combinations of colors.
A naïve collection that strongly recovers and repeats the Cevi style, where the simplicity of the flower and its various compositions have always a great importance. A flower for every occasion of modern life: from the living room to the kitchen and the bathroom. A flower for anyone who wants his space to express his strong and decisive personality. A flower for those who love life, for those who love the color, for those who live with joy and want to express their passions. A flower for those who want to come back home and live in a beautiful flower garden: the garden of Cevi.