Ce.Vi. Ceramica Vietrese


Napoli Vintage: Historical and cultural heritage of Naples in the 19th century, symbol of the style of a period that has gradually gained in value in time.
An historical Napoli Blu that is colored of strong and bold shades linked to both past and future.
Strong but refined colors, that acquire vivacity and preciousness on the silky Bianco ‘800. The constant ivory that echoes with brun-rouge, azure, brun foncé (manganese), verte émeraude e grise, in 5 harmonious combinations that recall the ancient cementine of the thirties, forties and fifties rigorously made in Italy. The nuances of the brush enrich these four decorations in Baroque style, attributing to them high qualities of craftsmanship: ancient gestures for solutions of quality.
Tiles as witness of the ancient style in a so modern historical moment.
Tiles of an experienced period that look to the past, re-evoking and reinterpreting it with the emotion of a tailoring timeless ceramic that traces the history of a Naples that was, but still is.