Vietri Antico


The creativity and the originality of Ceramica Vietri Antico, its wisdom in merging the most ancient tradition with the most modern compositional style, the experience of the hand-made decoration and the wise use of the glazes enhances the three-dimensional geometric shapes of this collection in a movement of high and low relief.
Ceramic icons that seem to emerge from the aged sixieties shots and enlighten themselves. An “ensemble” of traits and geometric shapes, born from the tradition of a common point, which tend to modify and merge, opening to different perspectives, optical illusions and three-dimensional compositions.
Unique and valuable, the Collection Tradizione di Stile , born in 20x20 is enriched by new sizes the 5x20 and 5x5. A unique dimension of the modern life. A combination of patterns in so many shapes, lines and three-dimensional decors that can be laid horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
The sophisticated rigour of the black and white, white and blue and white and dove gray meets the absolute elegance of the red in a continuous succession of light and shadow. A Collection dedicated to whom desire a mood house decorated with a symphony of retro and contemporary style.