The starting point of the whole double-fired production of Vietri Ceramic Group is the heritage, rich in shapes, colors and wisdom, of traditional ceramic process which takes place in the Ceramica Francesco De Maio’s warehouse. The decorations are still made by hand on the glaze “Bianco Vietri”, when the material is still raw, underlining the manual aspect that is possible to see on the final product.


the color with large brushes is distributed uniformly on the tile. Peculiarity are the streaks with always different shades of color.


This is another technique, used to distribute the color on the tile. It’s realized with real sea sponges that give the tile a more diaphanous color than the brushed effect.


It is one of the simplest techniques. Through a silk screen with the impression of the design to be realized, the color is filtered on the tile with a spatula. It is different from the handmade decoration for the compactness of the colored surface.


It is the precursor of the serigraphy technique. The shape of the design is printed on the tile distributing the color with a brush, through a mask leant on the tiles.


This is the most complex and valuable technique. The master decorators full the contours of the drawing, called “filetti”, which can be realized in serigraphy or with the coal dust, which disappears during the cooking